Frequently Asked Questions

What are the options I have for registering for the retreat?

  1. You can register online here at this website and pay by debit card (no fee) or credit card (small fee).

  2. You can register online here and then send a check to our registrar, Naomi Rainey (no fee). Please let Naomi know you are going to send a check ( and she will send you her address. Make your check payable to SCWC.

  3. You can register by filling out a paper registration form and paying by check. Just email us ( and ask for a registration form to be mailed to you. We are also sending some paper registration forms to each assembly on our mailing list.

What should I bring into the retreat?

  • Casual, comfortable clothes and shoes

  • Jacket

  • Flip flops, swimsuit, and beach towel (for pool and/or hot springs)

  • Personal toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face soap, etc.

  • Bible, notebook, and pen

What does the conference center provide?

  • Bedding and pillows

  • Towel set

  • Hand soap for bathrooms

  • Five meals for the weekend (Friday dinner begins at 7pm) or three meals for Saturday only (Saturday breakfast begins at 8am)

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Murrieta Hot Springs Christian Conference Center has five lodges with standard rooms that sleep six. Each room has four twin beds and one bunk bed. Each room has central heating/air conditioning and a private bathroom. All rooms are the same.

Are there accommodations for those with disabilities or other limitations?

Yes. We have specifically asked for a meeting room that has no stairs. Murrieta Hot Springs Christian Conference Center will have support staff on standby during the weekend with golf carts to take those with difficulty walking anywhere they need to go. All walking paths are level and paved.

What about the food/dining room?

We will have our own designated tables in the dining room for the weekend. Meals are served family style, which means waiters and waitresses serve the food directly to our tables.  The food last year was fresh, healthy, and tasted great.

Murrieta Hot Springs Christian Conference Center offers a vegetarian option, if desired (please select this option on your registration). They are unable to offer gluten-free or dairy-free options due to health and safety concerns. However, they do have a system in place to assist those who need it. Just let us know your special dietary needs on your registration and we will communicate them to conference center.  They will do their best to be accommodating.  If you have a dietary restriction, you can bring substitute food for your own personal consumption.

What about food in lodge/meeting rooms?

Except for water, food and drink are not allowed in any room except the dining areas, lodge lobbies, and the coffee house.

What about bringing babies/children?

With the exception of nursing infants, children are not allowed at the conference center during the retreat.

Is there Wi-Fi for internet access?

Yes, there is free Wi-Fi in each room of the lodges, as well as in the meeting rooms and coffee shop. Just walk up to the desk in the front lobby to receive the password or check the retreat program schedule.

Where do I check-in when I arrive?

Once you arrive at the front gate of the conference center, a security guard will direct you to the main lobby where SCWC will have a registration table.  SCWC Planning Committee members will be on hand to help you check-in.

What if I have questions or need more information?

You can email us at

What's the refund policy?

First and foremost, we desire to be good stewards of the monies entrusted to us for all arrangements for our retreat weekend. Since we signed a contract with Murrieta Hot Springs Christian Conference Center, we are legally bound to pay all costs for the minimum number of attendees we have committed to whether or not we meet the minimum. We are stepping out in faith that the minimum will be met. With that in mind, if you have signed up, paid your money, and find out that you are not able to make it for the weekend, contact the registrar, Naomi, at the email or phone number listed above. All refund requests will be decided by the Planning Committee on a case-by-case basis. Thank you for understanding.

Is my registration fee transferrable?

If for some reason you find that you will not be able to make it to the retreat, you can transfer the registration fee to another person, just let the registrar know that you are doing (email Naomi at