The Brethren had their origin at Plymouth, England in which country they are generally known as Plymouth Brethren. We will pick up from the migration to San Diego, California USA.


Two families came to San Diego in the early 1900's.  The J. G. Traggardh family, arrived first from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the exact time is unknown, and the William Brunner family arrived in San Diego in 1905 from Iowa.  

The Brunner family learned of the Traggardh family while visiting brethren in Los Angeles, California and went to San Diego to make their acquaintance.  They broke bread, worshiped and studied the Bible together on Sunday's at the Traggardh's home until the Brunner's had to return to Iowa. After one and a half years, the Brunner's returned from Iowa to rejoin the fellowship.


In 1919 after the Brunner's returned, plans were made to build the first Gospel Hall. They were able to obtain a vacant lot on Texas street, about two and a half blocks north of University Avenue in San Diego. Brother Traggardh used $800 of his life savings to purchase building materials and construction began. The building experience of William Brunner and others, aided the building of the first Gospel Hall.


Eventually, the membership expanded, and a new assembly was formed.  Some stayed with the leadership of Brother Traggardh at the Bible Truth Hall, and the rest followed Brother Brunner in the purchase of a former Baptist Church.  The new Assembly was named Marlborough Gospel Hall located on Marlborough Street. The Marlborough Gospel Hall grew to over 200 members.  Around 1950 the name was changed from Marlborough Gospel Hall to Marlborough Gospel Chapel.


After thirty years of good service, the membership outgrew the Marlborough Gospel Chapel building and a vacant lot was purchased on Laurel Street. Laurel Bible Chapel was built with more than 8,000 hours of volunteer effort.  In the fall of 1957, Laurel Bible Chapel was dedicated to the service of Christ.

For about 45 years, as of this writing, the believers at Laurel Bible Chapel have been breaking bread, teaching Sunday School and reaching out to the community from this same location.